modern australian paintings

This exhibition was held at Savill Galleries in 2008.

We have a large selection of works by Arthur Boyd, Garry Shead, Charles Blackman, Sidney Nolan and more. To view works by these artists click here

This classic work pictured here by Charles Blackman was exhibited in the iconic Matthiesen exhibitions in London in 1961. Bryan Robertson described the works in this exhibition as follows. '...these are some of the strongest, most urgent and forceful paintings by a young artist that I have seen in the past ten years. Part of their essential character springs from the interpretation, marvellously developed and sustained, between the tenderness and grace of the personages contained in the paintings and the fiercely, implacably controlled means taken to give these personages life and eloquence...' Ref: Robertson, Bryan, Preface, Charles Blackman, Matthiesen Gallery, London, November 1961.


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